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Letter requesting an inspection of an inactivated NIKE air-defense missile site for use as a fallout shelter. Fallout shelters on military property were inspected and registered through an internal system.

Correspondence between T. J. McFadden, Deputy Director, Cuyahoga County Civil Defense, and Mr. Murray Fox, Director of the Ohio River Department of the Corps of Engineers. This concerns the purchase of a structure containing a fallout shelter and…

In the second phase of the National Fallout Shelter Survey, some structures were chosen to be used as storage facilities. These were listed in the supplemental data contained in this book. Available water, wells, sewer capability, and amount of…

Military installations were given a secondary survey measuring their capacity to protect from fallout. This book shows how the measurements were recorded. All of the reports were added to the shelter's original file. (DD form OCD-679)

This book contains surveys that were performed on larger shelters to determine whether a ventilation kit could increase the number of available spaces. Ventilation was a primary concern for fallout shelters, as the population would have to spend at…

The second phase of the National Fallout Shelter Survey began in 1962. This included detailed drawings of each of the thousands of fallout shelters across the country. Cuyahoga County had over 2000 individual shelters located in over 1100…

Preliminary analysis of each census tract in the county, the number of facilities is recorded, with amount of spaces and population. The amount of spaces per person in each tract is given. There are many with a number lower than one.

List of military installations in Cuyahoga with fallout shelters as of May, 1971. These sites were of special interest, because they could also be used as secure storage facilities for supplies. 2 pages.

Interior cover of the booklet that was provided for each fallout shelter in Cuyahoga County. This gives keys to the codes that are used both on the cover of the booklet, and in the sketches contained in the pocket. There is a key to the protection…

These sketches show each facility within a larger structure, and are a worksheet for the surveyor to record wall thickness, angle of deflection, and other measurements that determined the shelter's protection factor. Building location and facility…

Each census tract in Cleveland had a book similar to this one. They listed each shelter within that tract, how many spaces were available per shelter, and the protection factor for each floor of the building. Population of each tract, both day and…

Cover of booklet containing information on individual fallout shelters. Contains updates until 1986.

List of facilities that were inspected and failed, or no longer met updated standards for protection

This list of shelters is indicative of the survey that was taken to update the list of fallout shelters in 1971. The list shows building name, location, and amount of available spaces according to protection factor.

visual corridor3.jpg
A text image that shows the negative criteria of a corridor right of way with examples of unmaintained property, erosion, & litter in Cuyahoga County.

visual corridor2.jpg
A text image that shows the positive criteria of a corridor right of way with examples of a church, hotel, & vista in Cuyahoga County.

visual corridor1.jpg
A text image that shows the corridor right of way with examples of both positive & negative criteria.

visual corridorstudy.jpg
The cover of the Regional Planning Commission's informational booklet on how to improve the visual landscape around Greater Cleveland's freeways & highways.

A hate letter written to C. J. Prentiss, she was a Cleveland based equal rights activist. It is regarding the Supreme Court Decision to desegregate all Cleveland City Public Schools through bussing & is from the early 1980's.

madd 001.jpg
A letter from Mothers Against Drunk Driving written in 1982 to the Cuyahoga County Board of Commissioners requesting recognition & stricter drunk driving laws.

This image is from the cover of an informational pamphlet regarding Lake Erie. Its contents contain statistics, recreation activities, water revitalization reports, & lakefront development strategies.

GCGA1 001.jpg
This image is of the Terminal Tower and crumbling infrastructure around it. It was a preliminary cover showed to the Cuyahoga County Board of Commissioners. The image would eventually be on the front cover of a information pamphlet that discusses…

GCGA1 002.jpg
This image is of the front cover of a information pamphlet that discusses the importance of maintaining Cleveland's infrastructure.

A map that depicts the illegitimate births that occurred in the different neighborhoods of the city of Cleveland.

cityofcleve3 001.jpg
A picture of Rhodes Tower at Cleveland State University from the early 1980's.

cityofcleve2 001.jpg
Photo of Terminal Tower & Justice Center taken from the early 1980's. This image was on the cover of a Magazine that showcased the highlights & advancements made in Cleveland. Also, discussed the history of Cleveland as an industrial city & why the…

City Club of Cleveland flyer from 1976 announcing former US President George H. W. Bush as a guest speaker before he became Commander in Chief. He was the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency at the time.

An image from the inside cover of a City Club of Cleveland Pamphlet from 1977 that highlights the significance of this organization in Cleveland. There are images of speakers from 1976 throughout the pamphlet, here the images are of George H. W.…

City Club of Cleveland flyer from 1976 announcing then Senator Joseph Biden as a guest speaker. Biden would eventually become the Vice President under President Barack Obama in 2008.

City Club of Cleveland flyer from 1976 announcing former US President Jimmy Carter as a guest speaker before he became Commander in Chief.